Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Prescott, AZ

Safe & Effective Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

If you are addicted to alcohol and feel like there is no way out, Decision Point Center is here to help. We use effective and proven techniques to help patients overcome alcohol addiction and regain their lives.

Our tailored alcohol rehab programs include:

These programs have all been designed to help you achieve lifelong recovery from your alcohol addiction.

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What Sets Our Alcohol Treatment Programs Apart?

Our alcohol rehab programs are unique, in that they offer:

  • Personalized solutions to meet your needs
  • Encouragement and support throughout the process
  • Effective treatment methods to help you transition back into normal life

We know alcohol addiction affects every aspect of your life. That is why our programs are designed to treat not only your physical addiction but also your mental and emotional recovery as you reenter society.

Our adventure and recreation programs, life skills development programs, and enrichment activities help you enjoy the benefits of sober living. We use proven techniques and personalized treatment methods to help you recover.

Will Your Health Insurance Cover Alcohol Rehab?

For your convenience, we accept a variety of insurance plans, including:

  • Humana Insurance
  • HMC Healthworks in Arizona, California, and New Mexico
  • Shasta in Nevada, Oregon, and Washington State
  • MultiPlan and APCN nationally
  • & More

And we are in-network with a variety of insurance plans, including:

  • Humana Insurance
  • TRICARE Insurance
  • MHN insurance
  • & More

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Intensive Rehab Programs to Help You Overcome Alcohol Addiction

When you leave our facility, having a consistent support group to help you transition back into the real world will be vital to your long-term success. For this reason, we require patients to participate in 12-Step recovery meetings, as well as Celebrate Recovery.

We also offer relapse prevention programs to help keep you addiction-free for life. Unlike other facilities, we do not make it mandatory for our patients to participate in AA meetings.

Our Team Will Guide You Every Step of the Way

At Decision Point Center, we have helped countless patients achieve freedom from alcohol addiction and substance abuse. Taking your specific needs into consideration, we will create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, environmental and societal triggers, and personal belief systems.

Our team is licensed, trained, and qualified to provide behavioral therapy and life skills development courses. We will stand by your side and use proven methods to help you overcome your addiction and enjoy a better quality of life.

Take back control of your life. Call us today at (844) 292-5010 to start your road to recovery.


  • Decision Point Center "I am eternally grateful for having been a client at a facility that never gave up on me, and for being employed at the same facility so that I can help others on their journey through the recovery process."
  • Decision Point Center "Decision point gave me the key to unlock a lifetime of happiness."
  • Decision Point Center "Life is a rollercoaster to enjoy not the insanity of a merry go round and I am so grateful for that!"
  • Decision Point Center "Today I live a full life that I never thought I was capable of."
  • Decision Point Center "The therapists were persistent and motivating in my progress."
  • Decision Point Center "They helped me to rebuild my self-esteem and confidence to become a man of integrity."