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Providing Alternative Addiction Treatment in Arizona

Decision Point Center is a licensed drug and alcohol addiction and substance use disorder treament facility that addresses co-occurring and dual diagnosis disorders in Prescott, Arizona. Using a combination of modern techniques for the successful rehabilitation of our clients, we provide a safe, secure environment to help people achieve lifelong sobriety.


Decision Point Center's residential treatment facility is located in Prescott, Arizona just two hours north of Phoenix. The area is in central Arizona, where the high desert meets the forested mountains. The area’s mild climate has long been a treatment destination for those suffering from a myriad of physical, mental, and behavioral issues due to its serene landscape, perfect weather, and abundance of recreational activities.

We're ready to answer any of your questions about our Arizona addiction treatment center. Call us today at (844) 292-5010.

Meet Our Team of Dedicated Professionals

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  • Lindy  Howard, MA, LPC Photo
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  • Bonnie  Grossman, MS, LAC Photo
  • Deborah  Pallett, P.A. Photo
  • Dr. Julia L. Summers, LPC Photo
  • Wade  Taylor MS, TLAC Photo
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  • Mary Ann  Zuppardo Photo
    Mary Ann Zuppardo

    Executive Director

    While executive director is the title Mary Ann holds at Decision Point Center, she thinks of herself as the team leader at our Arizona alcohol and drug addiction treatment center. Her job is to make decisions when needed and to help train, grow, and empower those around her to make the decisions that are within the philosophy and framework of our mission as an organization.
  • Dr. Terry  Vaughan Photo
    Dr. Terry Vaughan

    Medical Director, Psychiatrist

    Dr. Terry Vaughan is a physician specializing in psychiatry who has over 20 years of experience treating psychiatric and addiction patients in Prescott, Arizona. She graduated with her medical degree (M.D.) from Indiana University School of Medicine in 1993. Afterward, she began her internship in internal medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital and completed her psychiatry residency in 1997 at Indiana/Purdue University.
  • Lindy  Howard, MA, LPC Photo
    Lindy Howard, MA, LPC

    Clinical Director

    Lindy joined the team at Decision Point following her long-anticipated move to Prescott in 2016. She brought with her 15 years of experience working with mental health disorders, trauma, and addiction in outpatient, and residential settings. Her focus, as both a therapist and supervisor, has always been on providing quality, individualized, trauma-informed treatment to clients.
  • David  Seymour Photo
    David Seymour

    Director of Admissions & Business Development

    Dave Seymour has been working in behavioral healthcare since 2012. Dave has developed a passion for working with adults who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Dave specializes in helping families understand their loved one’s challenges with substance abuse. Drawing from his own experiences with addiction.
  • Bonnie  Grossman, MS, LAC Photo
    Bonnie Grossman, MS, LAC

    Assistant Clinical Director

    Bonnie has a Master’s of Science in Professional Counseling and has worked with dually diagnosed population for over five years. She began to work in the behavioral health field in 2012 and worked towards obtaining the necessary education to serve a more diverse population. Having struggled with addiction and the influence of that lifestyle for over twelve years, she adds a relational aspect...
  • Deborah  Pallett, P.A. Photo
    Deborah Pallett, P.A.

    Physician Assistant

    Deborah Pallett completed her mater's degree to become a physician assistant at the University of Iowa. She has over 20 years of experience beginning with primary car working in a community health center in rural California through a government scholarship program. she has also worked in the fields of oncology and dermatology prior to specializing in psychiatry and addiction medicine.
  • Dr. Julia L. Summers, LPC Photo
    Dr. Julia L. Summers, LPC

    DBT Therapist

    Dr. Julia Summers is a licensed professional counselor in Arizona and Oregon. In addition, Dr. Summers holds a Ph.D. in Family Psychology with over 15 years of experience with family, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Summers trains and conducts Dialectical Behavioral Therapy groups to provide strategies for managing cravings, anxiety, mood disorders, and depression.
  • Wade  Taylor MS, TLAC Photo
    Wade Taylor MS, TLAC

    Primary Therapist

    Wade is dedicated to working with clients to better understand the nature of their substance use as well as determining new plans for the future. Of course, these plans include relapse prevention and identifying skills to remain sober. But is that enough? It is Wade’s opinion that “just not using” is not enough to maintain genuine change.
  • Mark  Branson, MA, LPC, NCC Photo
    Mark Branson, MA, LPC, NCC

    Trauma Therapist

    Mark Branson is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in treating trauma and PTSD, substance use, addiction, ...
  • Gregson  Gordon, CCSP Photo
    Gregson Gordon, CCSP

    Career Development & Education Specialist

    Since January 2017, Gregson has served as the Director of Education and Development for Staff & Clientele here at Decision Point. It is in this capacity where he instructs all of Decision Point’s staff in the Therapeutic Community model of treatment (as prescribed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, also known as SAMHSA).
  • Brad  Kissler, AA Photo
    Brad Kissler, AA

    Digital Engagement & Outreach Coordinator

    Brad originally came to Decision Point in 2012. Brad has functioned in all facets of the addiction treatment field from case management, family services, physical health services, admissions, digital engagement, and outreach. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work with families and addicts to enhance and better educate them on the disease of addiction.
  • Krista  Smyly, BA in Psychology Photo
    Krista Smyly, BA in Psychology

    Client Care Manager

    Krista began working in the substance abuse field in 2007. She started as a residential technician for the 1 st year and then ...
  • Erica  Arias Photo
    Erica Arias

    Registered Nurse

    Erica Is a full-time Registered Nurse at Decision Point Center and Northern Arizona VA Health Care System. Erica received an ...
  • Troy  Trout Photo
    Troy Trout

    Outdoor Activity Coordinator

    Troy started his journey with Decision Point Center as a patent and became an employee two years later, Troy has now been ...

Patients Who Chose Recovery

Share Their Experiences
  • “What a year it has been, only my really close family and friends know what I have been through, in the process of healing and moving on it’s time for me to tell you all what has gone on. Those of you ...”

    - Leigh G.
  • “This place changed my life. It gave me the tools to succeed and overcome my addiction.”

    - Peter O.
  • “I am off to a new chapter in my life and I am blessed for coming to Decision Point.”

    - Lauri A.
  • “I can't thank Decision Point enough. This was my second time in rehab and I feel like I truly got it right this time.”

    - Jonathan R.
  • “Upon arrival at Decision Point Center, I felt I was in the right place. I am leaving with a true sense of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.”

    - Andy

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What Sets Decision Point Apart?

  • Continuum of Care

    At Decision Point Center we are committed to ALWAYS walking alongside you. Even once you have completed our program, we make ourselves and our resources available to you any time you need.

  • Array of Possibilities

    Just like no two individuals are alike, neither are two addictions. We offer many different services in order to ensure your program is customized to your unique needs and goals.

  • Full-Person Plan

    Unlike other centers, we treat the individual, not the addiction. We work with you both during treatment and then work to help prepare you for once you leave. The journey begins with us but continues with you.

  • Decades of Experience

    Experience one of the most comprehensive assessments in the treatment world today and we understand that in order to treat the addiction, we must also treat the underlying cause.

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