Individual Family Therapy Hope begins at Decision Point Center

Family Therapy in Prescott, AZ for Addiction Recovery

At Decision Point, Family Members Are An Integral Part of Treatment

Family Therapy begins on day one because Decision Point Center believes that the family plays an important positive role when they are included in a client’s treatment and recovery process. Addiction and substance use disorders affect the entire family, and when family members are engaged in the recovery process, positive outcomes are more likely to occur. It is also important that families learn about the issues of misuse and how to help their loved on by managing the “rules of relationships” to avoid the common pitfalls of compassion and caring becoming enablement and control.

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How Does Structural Family Therapy Help?

Structural Family Therapy and therapeutic processes help family members learn communication tools, boundaries, and the necessity of "parenting on the same page". When parents have been inconsistent, or at odds in how they parent, substance use disorders can be exacerbated. Learning to present a united front when dealing with a child receiving treatment for substance misuse actively confronts the issues and can help bring much needed peace and serenity to family members who have often been fighting the problems of misuse and co-occurring disorders for years. Parents are freed from the conflict by understanding the limits of what they can and cannot do for their loved one. In addition to helping parents learn how to help their loved one, Decision Point also provides family counseling and group therapy.

Family Workshop Testimonials:

  • “I’m glad we came and participated. We especially appreciated the separate one-on-one counseling session after hours. As tough as it was, it was a real eye opener. Thank you for being here!”
  • “These workshops were significantly more intense, much more emotional.”
  • “It was relevant information that was explained well. I was not left wondering. Time was there for all questions.”
  • “This deals with the underlying causes of addiction (i.e. emotions, trauma) versus other programs being a more traditional basic education about addiction.”

Read more testimonials from individuals who have gone through our program, or contact our team to learn more about how we can help you and your family.

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