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The work, role, and service of a member of the United States Armed Forces is crucially important yet undeniably stressful. For many military veterans and members of the Department of Defense, an unfortunate consequence of the stress is a greater risk of addiction to drugs and alcohol. If you or a loved one have spent time in the military and now suffer from substance use disorder, please know that our addiction treatment specialists from Decision Point Center are here to help.

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We are proud to help members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, including:

  • Army
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Coast Guard
  • Air Force
  • Space Force
  • Army National Guard
  • Air National Guard

We salute and thank you for your service to our country. Let us show our appreciation by offering trusted, effective programs and therapies that can help you beat addiction and reclaim your health and happiness. Our addiction treatment center is located in Prescott, Arizona, but we welcome people from all over.

For more information, call (844) 292-5010 or contact us online now.

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PTSD Linked to Addiction in Veterans

Any military service member who completes an active tour of duty or otherwise sees live conflict is at risk of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This mental health difficulty can cause a variety of different symptoms and complications, many of which have been linked to addiction disorders.

Symptoms of PTSD often include:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Insomnia and night terrors
  • Hypervigilance
  • Flashbacks
  • Triggers
  • Substance addiction

PTSD can lead to substance abuse and addiction due to the “numbing” effects of many unsafe substances. Out of fear of experiencing another trigger and PTSD episode, some veterans might try to dull their senses and thoughts by using alcohol, opioids, and so on. The result is a high risk of addiction that can bring even more mental and physical health problems, exacerbating PTSD symptoms in the process.

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How Many Veterans Have PTSD?

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) tracks data about how many military veterans suffer from PTSD and how that correlates to alcohol abuse and drug addiction. The information is arranged into tours of duty and military operations. Regardless of the conflict or operation in question, the data shows that the risk of PTSD and its consequences remains high among military service members of all branches of the Armed Forces.

PTSD rates among military veterans, according to VA data, are:

  • About 15% of Vietnam War veterans
  • About 12% of Gulf War/Desert Storm veterans
  • About 20% of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom veterans

At Decision Point Center, we are on a mission to help as many military veterans in Arizona overcome addiction, which can start by better understanding the symptoms of PTSD. You are not alone. We are standing by to help however we can.

Addiction Treatment Programs That Can Help Veterans

Our veteran substance abuse rehab specialists use trauma-informed approaches to create treatment plans that work for each individual. You will not be given a premade recovery program when you come to Decision Point Center in Prescott for help. We will take the time to get to know you, what is causing or worsening your addiction, and what will be the most useful way to challenge it.

For many of our patients who are veterans, though, dual diagnosis treatment is a great starting point. Dual diagnosis treatments acknowledge that addiction is often caused or worsened by a mental health difficulty like PTSD. Rather than treating both issues separately, this unique treatment program addresses them together, which has been shown to increase the effectiveness of the treatments.

You may  also benefit from many of our other customizable addiction treatment programs and therapies, such as:

Not sure what treatments would be right for you? Don’t worry. Our team is here to help make those decisions based on your health needs and preferences. Although you don’t need a doctor’s referral to get treatment from Decision Point Center, we can also communicate with your primary care team to see if they have treatment recommendations based on your medical history.

Decision Point Center Accepts TRICARE Insurance

TRICARE Insurance is a government-sponsored health insurance program that accepts military veterans and active duty service members, as well as their family members. It is a highly rated and trusted insurance program that specializes in care for veterans, including rehab treatments. To make getting the help you need to beat addiction easier than ever, Decision Point Center accepts TRICARE Insurance.

Addiction Help for Veterans is Here — Reach Out Today

You have bravely served our country. Please give yourself the care you deserve by using addiction treatments from Decision Point Center. We are here to support and guide you however you can, so you can fight addiction and live a comfortable life in sobriety. Together, anything is achievable!

Contact us online or call (844) 292-5010 to ask about our Arizona rehab programs for veterans or to see if we accept your insurance policy.

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