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Mary Ann Zuppardo

Executive Director

While executive director is the title Mary Ann holds at Decision Point Center, she thinks of herself as the team leader at our Arizona alcohol and drug addiction treatment center. Her job is to make decisions when needed and to help train, grow, and empower those around her to make the decisions that are within the philosophy and framework of our mission as an organization. Patients of the treatment industry find all too often that a treatment center is founded on the personality of an owner or key employee who directs all the processes. Instead, she strives to create an organization that thinks in consistent and reliable terms about how to help families and their loved ones lead useful and rewarding lives. This way, the organization, rather than an individual or small group, can act as a whole for the welfare of the client.

Mary Ann works to foster open and honest communication, not only with clients and families but between members of our own team as well. She believes that there is no way to lead a person suffering from addiction to a more healthy and functional way of life unless we at Decision Point Center are all “walking our talk” first.

She believes deeply that the program we offer is among the best available to those seeking help, and that her role is to rededicate herself and the rest of our team to that high standard on a daily basis. She feels it is her great privilege to watch your loved one, and the members of our Decision Point Center team, grow, change, and become the people they were truly meant to be.