Your Lifelong Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction Starts Here!

At Decision Point Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center we focus on a multi-prong approach to our treatment for addiction. At our Prescott, Arizona campus clients are empowered to reach life’s true potential in a safe, confidential and therapeutic atmosphere. The rehab programs we offer are specialized, diverse, and effective in treating chemical dependency and other behavioral addictions. We believe that addiction is a disease and must be treated as such.

This is why we use only the most qualified and expert staff to prepare individualized treatment plans for each client based on their own personal needs.

Our treatment for addiction directs healing through inner strength and by empowering each client with education to fully understand what their disease of addiction will result in if left untreated.

At Decision Point Center, we specialize in helping individuals that have drug and alcohol addiction disorders, compulsive behaviors, codependency, underlying trauma and behavioral health issues. We offer holistic treatment that provides a focus on spirituality as well as alternative treatment approaches to combat the deadly disease of addiction. In addition to offering state of the art treatment therapies at Decision Point Center, we also offer the ideal environment to heal in. Nothing can surpass the breathtaking mountain views and fresh air that Prescott Arizona offers.