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Dr. Julia L. Summers, LPC

DBT Therapist

Dr. Julia Summers is a licensed professional counselor in Arizona and Oregon. In addition, Dr. Summers holds a Ph.D. in Family Psychology with over 15 years of experience with family, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Summers trains and conducts Dialectical Behavioral Therapy groups to provide strategies for managing cravings, anxiety, mood disorders, and depression. DBT assists in regulation of emotions and relapse prevention. It is also used to develop strategies to reduce distress, increase mindfulness, and foster emotional regulation skills. Furthermore, Dr. Summer's specializations include working with dual diagnoses, addictions, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Dr. Summers also has a private practice in Prescott.

Dr. Summers currently lives in the Prescott area and enjoys family, hiking, and other outdoor activities. At home, Dr. Summers enjoys spending time with her husband, therapy dog Morgan, and four cats Max, Maddy, Tommy boy, and Poppy.