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If you’re struggling with an addiction to Percocet, you’re not alone. Over the years, our country has seen a rise in prescription painkiller abuse, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reported that more than 2 million Americans suffered from a substance use disorder relating to prescription painkillers in 2012 alone. Percocet is a particularly highly addictive painkiller, which is why some doctors are more reluctant to prescribe it to a patient. At Decision Point Center, our Arizona team treats a variety of drug addictions, including Percocet addiction. Our inpatient rehab program allows patients to meet and work with peers, explore therapy, and begin the healing process that will help them transition into their lives when treatment is complete. We’re well-aware of the dangers of Percocet addiction, including withdrawal symptoms and long-term health effects, and are prepared to help you get to the root of your addiction and confront any challenges you may face.

Call our Prescott facility to learn more at (844) 292-5010, or fill out our online form. Our “you-based” treatment ensures each of our patients receives the unique support they need to heal.

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Dangers of Percocet & Other Opioid Painkillers

Percocet is a brand name for a prescription painkiller that combines oxycodone—a potent opioid—and acetaminophen. The combination acts upon the brain to alter its perception of pain and inhibit pain-related chemicals, which can produce relaxed feelings and euphoria. Though it’s prescribed to treat chronic pain or pain associated with injuries or post-surgery, it’s also commonly abused because it can be legally purchased like other prescription painkillers. Data shows that ER visits involving painkillers, including Percocet, increased by 152% between 2004 and 2008.

Opioid painkillers like Percocet can produce a number of symptoms in addition to the pleasant high that many people enjoy. Percocet abuse can produce confusion, mood swings, and exacerbate depression after the high wears off. It can also cause sleep issues and reduced breathing rates.

Another danger associated with Percocet addiction is that it can impact a person’s relationships and work performance in a negative way. People with addictions may oversleep and miss school or work, gradually withdraw from their relationships as they focus their energy on using drugs and lying about their abuse, and even stealing from others or “doctor shopping” to get more Percocet prescriptions.

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Can I Overdose on Percocet?

People who are addicted to Percocet may feel the need to take more of the drug to achieve a high after their body has developed a tolerance, but there’s always a danger of overdosing. An overdose is a medical emergency that must be treated immediately to prevent long-term complications and possible death.

A Percocet overdose can involve respiratory depression, bluish tint to the lips, clammy or cold skin, and slowed heart rate. If you’ve exhibited any of these symptoms after using Percocet, you need to get emergency medical attention, as severe cases can lead to cardiac arrest or circulatory collapse.

How Percocet Addiction is Treated

Drug addictions, including Percocet addiction, must be treated with the help of professionals. Even if you think you have your addiction under control and/or it hasn’t affected your social life, addiction can get out of hand quickly and overdose can become more of a risk the longer your addiction persists.

Our facility has experience treating addiction to various prescription painkillers, including those that involve opioids like Percocet. If you feel the need to abuse Percocet to avoid confronting certain issues in your life or to treat your own mental disorders, it’s important to address the root of your addiction. In addition to our drug rehab programs, we also offer treatments for dual diagnosis, because we know people struggling with drug addiction also tend to be suffering from disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

At Decision Point Center, some of the treatments and therapies we offer include:

  • EMDR trauma therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Support groups
  • Enrichment activities, including mapmaking, zip-lining, and more

We offer both intensive residential inpatient programs as well as outpatient programs. Hope is here when you call us to learn more about our various programs and options.

Decision Point Center offers peaceful living quarters, communal spaces, and other amenities to aid in your recovery. Call our Arizona facility today to learn about our Percocet rehab treatment at (844) 292-5010.

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