Our Family Workshop

Family TherapyDecision Point Center believes that family must be incorporated into a client’s treatment and recovery process. Addiction is a family disease and the entire family is impacted. When all affected family members are engaged in the recovery process, the likelihood of a positive outcome is magnified.

It is vital to understand that the “rules of relationships” change drastically when someone in the family is struggling with an addiction. Addiction tears at the heart and is often easy for family members to cross over from being compassionate and caring to enabling or controlling.

Through use of Structural Family Therapy and therapeutic processes family members learn communication tools, boundaries, and, mostly, the necessity of parenting “on the same page”. When parents have been inconsistent, or at odds, in how they parent addiction thrives. It is easy to ‘split’ family members to the advantage of an active addict. Presenting a ‘united front’ in dealing with the addict not only actively and functionally confronts the disease of addiction, it fosters improved peace and serenity for family members who have often been fighting addiction for years. Parents are freed from the conflict by understanding the limits of what they can and can’t do for their loved one.

Family Workshop Testimonials:

“I’m glad we came and participated. Especially appreciate the separate one on one counseling session after hours. As tough as it was, it was a real eye-opener. Thank you for being here!”

“These workshops were significantly more intense, much more emotional.”

“It was relevant information that was explained well. I was not left wondering, time was there for all questions.”

“This deals with the underlying causes of addiction (i.e. emotions, trauma) versus other programs being a more traditional basic education about addiction.”