Treatment for Adults 18 and Older

Decision Point's 45-Day Residential Treatment Program for adults 18 and older is dedicated to helping clients facing addiction, substance use disorder, and co-occurring mental health problems.

Decision Point provides a full range of drug and alcohol addiction and substance use disorder treatment services for people 18 and older. From detoxification to residential inpatient treatment, we offer a full continuum of care. Our experienced staff of licensed counselors provides individualized therapy based on the unique needs of each client based on a comprehensive assessment.

Our 45-Day Residential Treatment Program for adults 18 and older involves a combination of behavioral and holistic therapies designed to achieve cessation from alcohol and drugs, an understanding of the root causes of the disease of addiction, the ability to identify “triggers” for relapse, and the wherewithal to navigate one’s way back on track by seeking appropriate help should relapse occur. All of our efforts are geared toward helping women and men dramatically shift their relationship with substances so that they can live productive, engaged lives.

All Residential Treatment clients live in our clean, comfortable residences and receive treatment at Decision Point’s Prescott, Arizona treatment center.