Arizona Alcohol Rehab

Decision Point Center is a fully accredited Arizona alcohol rehab program. Through our locations in Prescott and Scottsdale, Arizona, we treat the disease of alcoholism comprehensively. Our licensed clinicians and staff are highly experienced treating alcohol addiction. We offer a full range of treatment services from medically supervised detox, to inpatient residential and/or intensive outpatient treatment, as well as help with family education and support, and sober living and aftercare.

At Decision Point, we take a holistic approach to treating the disease of alcohol addiction. Alcoholism affects physical, mental and emotional health, damages relationships, and threatens  employment, productivity and quality of life. It also affects every person and family differently. Through a thorough mind, body and spirit evaluation, our care team is able to individualize a program of care that addresses a person's alcohol addiction as well as the co-occurring mental and physical health conditions that often accompany alcoholism.

Decision point strongly supports and makes use of the 12-Steps to help people enter and maintain recovery. You will learn the 12-Steps, attend meetings, find a sponsor, and learn how to safely and effectively join your local AA or other 12-Step-based support groups at home. However, we also believe that the 12-Steps is only one aspect of a rounded and treatment program. Based on your condition, experiences and needs, your individual care plan may include CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), trauma therapy including EMDR, life skills training, addiction and relapse prevention education, outdoor therapy, and more. Our broad range of services and expertise gives our clients more options with which to heal and learn.

We also understand that alcoholism affects the entire family and that alcohol addiction treatment must extend to treating family members. We know that recovery success rates increase when families become involved in supporting their recovering loved ones. Our approach to family care includes helping families understand the disease of alcoholism and addiction, helping them find ways to heal from their own hurtful experiences with an addicted loved one, and learning to become a helping supporter of healthy behaviors and lasting recovery. 

If you or a loved one is suffering with the debilitating and painful disease of alcoholism and the depression, anxiety, blackouts and physical damage it brings, please call us today at 844-248-4971.