Does Your IQ Make You More Susceptible to Substance Use?

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Why Your Intelligence Level Could Predict Struggles with Drugs or Alcohol

Intelligence has long been a key predictor of success in life. But what if having a high IQ could also make you more susceptible to struggles with drugs or alcohol? Here's what you need to know about medical research that suggests this may be the case.

Intelligence and Substance Use

Though intelligence has links to various positive outcomes, medical research suggests that it may also be a key predictor of struggles with drugs or alcohol.

According to a study of nearly 8,000 people who had high IQs during childhood, those with higher intelligence levels were much more likely to have experimented with substances like drugs or alcohol by the age of thirty.

The study also found that this correlation between intelligence and substance use persisted even after controlling for other factors like socioeconomic status or mental health.

In other words, it seems as though intelligence itself may be a key risk factor for substance use.

Why Does This Happen?

The researchers suggest that it may have to do with how intelligent people process information.

They tend to be more open-minded and curious, which may make them more likely to experiment with drugs. Additionally, they may be more likely to develop problematic patterns of use because they can rationalize their behavior in a way that others can't.

However, it's important to remember that this is just one study and that correlation does not necessarily equal causation. Many factors contribute to substance use, and intelligence is just one of them.

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