Decision Points Center Has Received LegitScript Certification

In the digital age, online medical organizations, healthcare groups, and the like can more easily provide services and communicate with clients and patients than ever before. However, the internet has also created a safe haven for fraudsters, thieves, and others who look to find profit through trickery and exploitation. To help weed out wrongdoers and officially recognize those who conduct honest, trustworthy business, LegitScript was founded.

The company has been studying, analyzing, and coordinating with online websites, merchants, and healthcare providers since 2007. Businesses that can prove their authenticity through reputation, transparency and regulatory compliance will be granted certification from LegitScript. Certification not only lets clients, patients, and consumers know they have chosen a trustworthy company, partner or provider, but it also allows certified companies certain advantages, such as verification with major corporations.

With that said, Decision Point Center is honored to have recently received our Legit Script Verification. Many people hesitate to attend an addiction treatment center due to fear of legitimacy. It is therefore crucial for every rehabilitation facility to seek and earn LegitScript certification. With this certification, we can proudly continue to act as a key partner in fighting drug and alcohol abuse for the good people of Prescott, Arizona and the surrounding region.

Would you like to know more about LegitScript? You can click here to visit the organization’s official website. For more information about Decision Point Center and how we earned our LegitScript certification, you can contact us by dialing (844) 292-5010 at any time.

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