Decision Point Center of Prescott is Now In-Network with TRICARE

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Our team at Decision Point Center – the leading name in drug and alcohol addiction treatments in Prescott – proudly supports military service members and veterans who protect our freedoms and our country. We are more than excited to be able to announce we are now an in-network partner with TRICARE, TRICARE East, and TRICARE West, a healthcare insurance company network that provides fair and beneficial coverage plans to service members, retired military veterans, and the families of service members. TRICARE currently provides benefits to nearly 9,500,000 people across the country who serve or have served as a military service member.

Rehabilitative treatments and therapies for drug and alcohol addiction can be extensive and costly for someone to afford fully on their own. Thanks to our new in-network insurance partnership with TRICARE, you can utilize our breakthrough and famously-effective treatment options at a lowered cost, possibly down to just the deductible. Being in-network with TRICARE means we accept their insurance coverage and have additional room to discuss payment options for our clients who use TRICARE insurance.

Decision Point Center offers all sorts of treatments and therapies to our clients, such as:

Personalized Addiction Treatments for Service Members

Everyone who comes to our treatment center is seen and respected as an individual in need of professional help, honest guidance, and moral support. We understand that military service members and veterans who return from the frontlines or grueling training have an increased proclivity to turning to drugs and alcohol for recreation and relaxation. Unfortunately, such a habit can and does frequently spiral out of control and become an unhealthy addiction that needs to be challenged.

Using our insight and genuine compassion, we can create a fully customized treatment and therapy program that works for you and exceeds your expectations. In particular, we have found our EMDR treatments — or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing — to be quite effective for military service members who come to our rehab center. In simple terms, EMDR involves asking the client to remember traumatizing moments, like in-combat memories or the loss of a fellow soldier, while following instructions to complete highly specific eye movements. Afterward, the client completes a new set of eye motions while thinking of positive thoughts or discussing ways to deal with their emotional strife. After several sessions, the negative and traumatizing feelings become hard to remember at all without the associated eye motions, which should not occur naturally.

Would you like to know more about our Prescott drug and alcohol rehab center, such as the science behind EMDR or how we manage admissions? Do you have more questions about what it means now that we are in-network with TRICARE, TRICARE East, and TRICARE West? We would be happy to be of assistance. Call (844) 292-5010 or fill out an online contact form at your first opportunity.

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