Different Opioid Treatments See Different Use Frequency Across U.S.

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Opioid addiction is a serious health condition that comes in many forms and afflicts many different types of people. The problem is so widespread, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calculates approximately 90 Americans each day will die due to an opioid overdose or opioid-related health complications. Due to the varied nature of the opioid epidemic and the problems it causes, it is perhaps no surprise to find opioid addiction treatments can vary, especially between different regions of the United States.

According to research and data collection conducted by the independent nonprofit group FAIR Health, the top 10 most popular opioid treatments in one region will look much different than those of another region. For example, in the South and West portions of the country, intensive outpatient care and partial hospitalization programs were utilized the most often. This may be due to the fact that such treatment methods were proven to be relatively effective, especially when compared to care cost mitigated by insurance coverage benefits.

All regions except the South use group therapy or group trauma therapy frequently to treat opioid addiction. In a group therapy session, people can share their stories with people who have been in similar situations, creating a sense of togetherness and empowerment, which explains its popularity. Although, FAIR Health researchers have noted group therapy may be popular in certain regions due to an overall lack of therapeutic specialists, making one-on-one sessions difficult to schedule.

Among all regions, methadone use was commonly in the top 10 treatment methods. Methadone is a synthetic drug that creates the same effects as stronger, more dangerous opioids, as well as lasting longer than other counterparts. It has been popular among treatment specialists for decades as a way to wean someone off opioids in conjunction with a detox program. However, methadone regimens are not covered by Medicaid in 14 states, making it costly for many people to actually utilize the substance.

(For more information about opioid treatments and their variation from region to region, you can click here to view a full article from Modern Healthcare.)

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