The Decision Point Story

Decision Point Center is in the midst of transformational change. Since the Center’s founding in 2002, its mission of helping men and women overcome the challenges of addiction to drugs and alcohol and substance use disorder has remained the same. But this time also saw the maturation of a millennial generation in which many struggle for meaning in an ever-connected fast-paced world, and have difficulty gaining a foothold in challenging socioeconomic times. We have also witnessed the rise of an opioid addiction crisis unparalleled in modern history and the widespread legalization of recreational use of marijuana. As the needs and nature of our clients changed and grew, so too did our focus on helping today’s 18 – 34 year old community. So the first change is our new age-specific focus. We provide age-tailored programs to address the unique challenges of younger men and women between the ages of 18 – 34. We also offer a program for adults 34 and older that allows people of similar background and generational experience to live and receive therapy together. One’s ability to relate to their recovery peers can help make treatment more comfortable, effective and enjoyable.

The recent years have also seen a combination of organizational and operational challenges that led to frequent changes in leadership and staff. Yet through it all, our mission of serving the needs of addicted men and women persevered and has always remained the number one focus and driving passion of the center. Instead of letting the difficulties of business threaten the benefit to our clients, we conducted a deep and searching inventory of our assets, strengths and weaknesses and set about making ourselves better. Today, we are, in essence, a program in recovery, vigilantly preserving our purpose, honing our therapies, and ensuring delivery of the very best client care. So, the second sweeping change is Decision Point’s new leadership and the addition of many new credentialed staff members. With new people comes new learning, new experience and new expertise with which to help our clients.

By respecting the needs of our clients and respecting the power of this organization, today, Decision Point is better able than ever before to lead the way in drug and alcohol addiction, misuse and co-occurring disorder treatment. With our new team and new focus, we have streamlined our organization and focused our programs on the singular goal of helping men and women learn to manage their addiction and substance use and clear the hurdles to successful living.