Academic & Career Counseling Services Hope begins at Decision Point Center

Academic & Career Counseling Services

Decision Point: Hope Begins Here

At Decision Point®, our highly effective treatment modalities are supplemented with Academic and Career Counseling services from a Nationally Certified Career Services Provider. We believe in getting our clients back into the classroom, and getting their careers started and/or back on track; so much so, in fact, that our returning Alumni continue to express their profound appreciation for the Academic and Career Counseling services we provide.

Nothing brings us more satisfaction than seeing our clients now enjoying highly successful, clean and sober lives, and remaining engaged in life-fulfilling careers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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About Our Education & Career Development Program

Our contemporary view of addiction and treatment involves learning the skills needed to deal with this chronic condition. This includes career development. Our hope is to help clients gain a realistic understanding of what profession they are best suited for; and to receive professional coaching as they prepare to seek education for, and employment in, their stated career position(s) of choice.

Our goal is to have all career and educational resources readily available to clients to ensure they achieve maximum productivity during the time they spend in our program. Ultimately, we want to empower our clients to believe that they are capable of success in the career world. With the help of our treatment team, they can – and will – successfully launch their careers.

One-Stop Education & Career Kiosk

At our One-Stop Education & Career Kiosk, clients of Decision Point® can access the following websites and services at the touch of a button!


  • State of AZ Adult Education Services
  • State of AZ GED Advisory (this website lists GED Prep classes, and their costs)
  • Guide for earning a GED in the state of AZ

Career Assessments

  • O*net Holland Self-Directed Search. This website is underwritten in part by the US Government Department of Labor.(This comprehensive, all-inclusive resource will aid a client in identifying their interests and makes possible Career Recommendations for which a client may be best suited. These recommendations are based upon the clients’ stated interests, and the results of the Holland SDS). This valuable resource will also provide a list of possible Careers for which a client would be a “good fit.” Furthermore, it also provides a copy of the results of the client’s Holland Self-Directed Search.
  • Minnesota State University CAREER-wise Education & Career Advisor. (Utilizing the Holland SDS Survey, and based upon their stated interests, this comprehensive all-inclusive resource will aid a client in identifying their interests and makes possible Career recommendations for which a client may be best suited.) This Career & Education Advisory resource will also outline any/all necessary educational requirements, and the steps necessary for a person to become employed in the given career position of their choice.

Kickstart Your Career Today

The Decision Point® team is composed of some of the best in the field. We’re proud to have a Career Counselor on staff whose contributions to the field of Academic Career Counseling Services have been recognized and published by the National Career Development Association; and we look forward to growing our educational and career development program even further.

Working to make your recovery affordable by accepting most insurances

Do not be discouraged if you are not seeing your insurance provider listed on our website. We take many types of insurance! Call Today: (844) 292-5010
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