What are we really spending on food?

Many of my clients complain that “healthy food is more expensive”. This is a popular myth and sometimes an excuse for us to eat poorly~ especially so we can eat foods that are considered junk. My grocery bill is an average of 45$ dollars per person per week. And we eat mostly organic and local foods. Yes, you can get a pizza from the frozen isle for $1.20 per serving- and the truth is that that pizza is so nutrient poor, you will end up snacking on other foods to try and get your nutritional needs met.

What we could be spending on food

You can MAKE a pizza for the same price~ and avoid the snacking. A ball of dough at Trader Joes is $1.79. Cheese is about $1.00, sauce $.50. Add some frozen peppers for $1 and some mushrooms $.50 and Voila! You have a homemade pizza that feeds 4 people at $4.79. That works out to the same price as your frozen pizza, it’s healthier AND you can avoid the snacking later.

Making your own tastes better, feels better and can be cheaper than eating out~ even at fast food.

It just takes a little more time, but can also be fun!