Sources of Heroin Identified, but Treatment and Prevention Should be First Priorities

heroin routes

Heroin can enter the country in a variety of ways, but the majority of the drug that finds its way into the U.S. reportedly comes from Mexico or Columbia. Most of the heroin goes to major cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Once there, traffickers hand off the heroin to dealers waiting to take the drugs to smaller cities. The more times the drugs exchange hands, the higher the prices go. This means that many drug addicts will travel to major cities in order to obtain cheaper and more potent heroin.

There are usually two different types of heroin in the United States. Heroin that is sticky and tar-like or a light brown powder comes from Mexico and most often found in the western part of the country. Colombian heroin is a white powder and it is more common in the eastern part of the United States. However, production and distribution of heroin from Mexico has increased throughout the U.S. as the number of new heroin users continues to rise.

The heroin problem our country is currently facing rivals any other serious epidemic, as thousands of lives are lost each year due to overdose. Although it can be helpful to know where the drug supply is coming from, when more resources are poured into law enforcement than treatment and prevention, there won't be enough progress made. There will always be another supplier who finds another route in as long as there is a demand for the drug. It's probably time to focus more on what is happening inside our borders than outside.

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