Outdoor Therapy - West Clear Creek

This month we visited West Clear Creek in the gorgeous forests of Arizona’s Northwest. It has become one of our favorites that we frequent each year. Natural springs, great swimming spots, and a fascinating collection of ancient petro glyphs are just a part of what this lush wilderness has to offer. Our clients enjoyed Yoga, mediation groups, and a solo day, which brought many self-proclaimed life changing experiences. Along with a strong sense of community and camaraderie they found many positive personal outcomes and look forward to future explorations in recovery.

In the following entry, we will discuss how these activities aid in the recovery process.


The ways in which Yoga can enhance the recovery process are numerous:

- Physical Health: Yoga is wonderful exercise! With routine sessions, participants will experience a noticeable difference in physical strength and endurance!
- Enhanced Focus: Many patients suffer from distractions and worry surrounding issues in the “outside world”. Yoga offers these individuals the focus necessary to remove these distractions and temptations.
- Balance: The practice of Yoga revolves around finding a balance between spirit, body and mind. Certainly, nobody could benefit more from this experience than those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.


Meditation offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy a heightened sense of spiritual balance and focus. Addiction is such a “noisy” disease. Meditation works to tidy up the noise, while making space for a more positive and healthier state of consciousness.


There is perhaps no better backdrop to a fresh start than that found in nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of city streets, we are able to view a perpetual cycle of beginnings and endings: sunrises and sunsets; the change of seasons; life and death. Comprehending the spectrum of life offers a sense of stability and perspective during an otherwise unstable period.

In nature, patients are able to view regeneration following disaster. Floods, fire, lightening and other destructive damage is met with rebirth, persistence and growth. This often serves to inspire individuals struggling through difficult periods in life, while challenging them to reinvent their ambitions, dreams and priorities. Nature’s message is one of hope, perseverance and survival – and one we share with an open heart.