A Nod to the Big Book

One of our staff members came across this article from National Geographic from a couple of years ago. As you can see from the number of comments (644) , it generated a lot of interest and debate. We feel it helps to give an appropriate acknowledgement to the results possible with the 12 steps.

What it essentially claims is that when people earnestly follow the 12 steps and help each other out, they are able to produce miraculous results. Meanwhile, researchers continue to look for other forms of treatments and pharmaceutical interventions, yet have they found anything that works demonstrably better?

Again, there could be plenty of argument about various forms of addiction treatments and therapies, yet all are usually based on personal interests rather than plain observation. Yes, this may be true for us as well, and our observation has shown that the program can and does help people recover.

As Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith found many decades ago, and millions of people throughout the world ever since, you cannot underestimate the power of people lending their voices, ears and hearts to one another to help heal the wounds of addiction and forge a new path of sobriety. The human elements and spiritual components of the 12 step program have undeniable healing powers.