Drug Nicknames to Recognize When Talking to Teens About Substance Abuse

If you are going to have a meaningful conversation with your teen about substance abuse, you need to make sure you are speaking the same language. Many drugs have street names, and you will want to educate yourself about some drug nicknames to recognize so you can keep the lines of communication open.

There won't be a single "talk" about substance abuse that you will have with your teen; this should be an ongoing topic of conversation in your home. Look for opportunities to talk about why people may be looking for different ways of coping with stress, boredom or depression that may not be healthy as an underlying reason for drug addiction. Always encourage your teen to tell an adult if they need help with a problem and that they won't find the answers they are looking for by turning to drugs.

Drug Nicknames You Should be Aware Of

Bath Salts: Bliss, Blue Silk, Ivory Wave, Pure Ivory, Snow Leopard, White Knight, White Lightning
Benzodiazepine: BZDs, Benzos, Downers, Goofballs, Heavenly Blues, Robital, Stupefy
Oxycontin: Cotton, Kicker, OCs, Pills, Ox, Hillbilly Heroin
Ritalin: Rids, Pineapple, Uppers, Vitamin R, Kibbles & Bits, Skittles, Study Buddies, Poor Man's Cocaine
Valium: Vs, Yellow Vs (Valium 5 mg), Blue Vs (Valium 10 mg), Foofoo, Sleep away, Tranks

If Your Teen Has a Problem with Substance Abuse

In a case where you know you are dealing with a substance abuse issue, you need to do more than simply talk to your teen about the dangers of using drugs. The situation has escalated to a point where your teen needs holistic addiction treatment from caring, experienced professionals. Waiting and hoping that it is only a passing phase or a rite of passage is not going to make the issue go away. The addiction needs to be faced head on, or it will only get worse.

Effective treatments are available, including an adventure therapy program that teaches new skills to build self-esteem and foster personal growth. A young person can get into recovery from addiction and learn better coping skills when given the right tools to do so.