December Trip Roundup: Chiricahua Mountains

We spent four days in the magnificent Chiricahua Mountains for our December multi-day trip. The whole group could not help but be amazed at the volcanic rock formations these mountains are known for, called “hoodoos.” We had a wonderful time, and as usual, group members not only expressed the sense of serenity and hopefulness they experience in the outdoors, but also were able to experience fun in the context of sobriety. We even had a surprise talent show on our last night!

Post-Trip Feedback

"Decision Point. What can I say? They saved my life.

Yeah, I said's a true statement.

From the moment I was picked up at the airport to the day I left, there was any number of qualified staff to help me on my path to recovery...I didn't always like it, yet it was absolutely essential to my was a valuable experience.

Group therapy helped me find my voice and start to cope with the pain and misery I had inside me...Words cannot express how grateful I am to be alive. Decision Point helped me back on my feet and gave me tools to begin my journey toward a healthy life."

-- Melissa