China Bans Stars From Public Exposure for Drug Use

Standing up against drug abuse is something that most people would like to think that they do, however China has recently made a statement about its views on drug abuse and celebrities. The government has taken measures to remove any celebrity that is known to take drugs off of their airwaves. The country is waging war against drug use in an unconventional way - eliminating the influence that celebrities have over teenagers.

The United States has long fought against drug abuse, especially among teenagers. However, the media here has actually done the opposite of China and actually glorified much of the celebrity behavior that includes drug and alcohol abuse. Many musicians write songs about alcohol abuse as well as using and selling illicit drugs. Such glamorizing sends a message of approval to young people in our country. The United States speaks volumes when it allows celebrities to parade drug use into the waiting minds of our youth.

According to reports, the Chinese government decided to crack down on all vice crimes, meaning drug use, gambling and prostitution. As part of this crack down the government raided 2,000 places that were thought to be facilitating any of these vices. During the raids the government arrested Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan and another famous Taiwanese actor, Kai Ko on drug charges. Other famous singers and actors were arrested in the raids. As part of their punishment for consuming drugs, the government has wiped the airwaves clean of their presence. The Chinese can no longer see past or current works by any artist, singer, or actor arrested for drug use.

“Artists have a broad influence. (Their behavior) will have a bad influence on juveniles, especially their fans. So I think this is great,” explained a Chinese citizen. While the government may be taking censorship to a level that the United States would never feel comfortable with, it is interesting to see how intolerant the government is of drug use, and how the public responds to the new policies.

Many people feel that the actions of the Chinese government is extreme in these cases and doesn’t allow for freedoms that we have here in the U.S. While this may be true, a lesson could be learned regarding the pop culture influence of drug abuse.