Arizona Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Wins Award

A pilot program developed to keep track of when prescription painkillers were last dispensed to patients in a database has been honored by the National Criminal Justice Association. The award was given to recognize the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, a pilot initiative which Arizona officials are intending to extend to the rest of the state to combat the problem of prescription drug addiction.

Under the system, doctors and pharmacies provide weekly updates to track prescriptions. The goal is to guard against users involved in "doctor shopping" who will get multiple prescriptions for oxycodone or other painkillers, or even forge prescriptions to feed their habit. The monitoring program will help to educate doctors and pharmacists about best practices, raise public awareness about this issue, and aid law enforcement officials. According to Gov. Jan Brewer, the program has been responsible for collecting more than 5,000 pounds of unused prescription drugs since June of 2012.

Treatment For Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction can develop after an illness or injury. A person may be prescribed a medication and find that the dosage given is not providing enough pain relief. A patient may start taking more than the recommended dosage or end up taking the medication longer than what would reasonably be anticipated for the original health concern. In each of these situations, the door has been opened for that person to develop an addiction to the prescription medication.

This type of addiction is not "better" than being hooked on illegal drugs. Addiction is addiction; the type of substance doesn't matter. The disease is the same and the treatment required is to get help from a prescription drug program. Clients need to get help from trained substance abuse counselors who can provide support while they break free from the bonds of addiction.

Commitment To Sobriety

The commitment to sobriety, once an issue with addiction to prescription painkillers has been uncovered, means permanent lifestyle changes must be made. Our inpatient treatment program is a holistic one that focuses on building a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

A prescription drug rehab program may include attending 12-step meetings, learning about healthy eating, and participating in an equine assisted psychotherapy program. A client's family has a role to play in his or her recovery, and they are often wondering how to cope with the situation or the best way to provide support once their loved one leaves the treatment center.

Get help for prescription drug addiction by reaching out to caring professionals who can provide the right type of help. This is not the type of problem that a person can solve alone. With proper help and support, there is hope for a drug-free life.