Arizona Drug Rehab Center Clients Heal Themselves While Serving Their Community

Drug and alcohol addiction is, by definition, a disease that tends to make people focus on themselves. Once it takes hold, an addict spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about ways to feed and nurture the addiction. A good portion of his or her days (and nights) will likely be taken up with finding drugs or alcohol, using them, or recovering after ingesting a substance. Part of the treatment programs offered by drug rehabilitation centers in Arizona involves making a change in attitude to include caring for others as well as one's self.

Caring for the Community

Recently, Decision Point Center's clients reached out to the community by preparing lunch for the Prescott Command Center. They made a meal for the firefighters, police, volunteers, and family members of the Hot Shots who were killed in the line of duty recently. Next on the agenda for community service at this Arizona drug rehab center was a project to make up bags with essential items like toothbrushes, sanitizer and toys for residents who were left homeless in Yarnell.

Giving Back Can Start Immediately

These types of community projects can remind clients in treatment that need knows no season. They don't need to wait until they have finished their program or feel "worthy" to help someone else. There are people in the community right now who need help. By participating in positive activities like these, clients can start to build up their self-worth and see themselves in a new light.

Addicts often find themselves caught up in grandiose thinking, but acts of service can range from large to small.

For some clients, an act of service may include attending a 12-step meeting and setting up the chairs. Making sure the coffee is ready for the participants can be considered an act of service as well.

Sober Activities Part of New Lifestyle

When clients go to treatment at a drug rehab in Prescott, Arizona, they get much more than just therapy sessions with counselors and specialists. They also have the opportunity to participate in a number of sober activities which will help them fill in the time they used to spend feeding their addiction. To be successful, a client must make the choice to stop using drugs and alcohol and commit to a new way of living.

While a client may not be able to change his or her past, they can look forward to a positive future. Helping others in the community is a way to make a fresh start using the skills learned at an Arizona drug rehab center.