Arizona Border Control Seizing More Meth and Heroin

An increase in methamphetamine and heroin seizures at the Arizona border proves that smugglers will go to great lengths to get drugs into the United States. Over the years, border patrol has seen a steady rise in the amount of meth that is coming into the country, and this year the amount of heroin has begun to surge as well. As a result, it is up to the border control in Arizona to be one step ahead of the smugglers.

“They have a lot of time, a lot of creativity and a lot of money to spend on developing concealment methods to try to get by us,” explained Guadalupe Ramirez, Port Director of the Port of Nogales in Arizona. To illustrate her point, Guadalupe pointed out a Chevy Trailblazer. She explained that there was almost 14 kilograms of methamphetamine hidden throughout the seats in the SUV. Another SUV was seized because the woman driving it had almost three kilograms of heroin strapped to her thighs. It is the job of the border control in Arizona to be aware of the signs that someone may be smuggling drugs into the country. The biggest thing that border control is looking for are the people that are nervous. If they seem anxious they will probably get pulled over for more questioning.

Perhaps we should examine why there is so much methamphetamine and heroin coming into the country. The demand for the drugs has sky rocketed recently. While the border control can try to prevent these substances from coming into the United States, they cannot prevent American citizens from creating demand for the drugs. Law enforcement agencies are hoping that if they can cut off enough of the supply of illegal drugs as well as intervene on those who are addicted, it will force people into treatment – seeking a life without drugs.

The border control continues to remain vigilant when checking vehicles and drivers as they pass through from Mexico into Arizona. They are proud that they have been able to seize so many vehicles; however they understand that they are playing a continuous game of cat and mouse, in many ways.