Adults With Mental Illness Much More Likely to Have Substance Use Disorder

The results also showed that people with serious mental illness were even more likely, as 27.3 percent of them also had a substance use disorder. The survey shows the importance of recognizing the need to address co-occurring disorders.

These statistics are just one of the many reasons why treating mental health problems along with addiction can be essential to the recovery process. At Decision Point Center, we take a holistic approach to dual diagnosis treatment, meaning that our professionals and programs work together to treat all appropriate areas and address the needs for each client.

Thankfully, now more than ever, people with insurance coverage have greater access to treatment for substance abuse and mental health services. This is due to new laws that have been implemented concerning behavioral health and insurance plans. If you have health insurance and are in need of treatment for an alcohol or drug problem, contact Decision Point Center today for more information about our program and a complimentary benefits verification.