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No matter what substance you struggle with, addiction is a disease that feeds off isolation. When you reach out for help, you are taking your first step toward recovery. While our treatment plans vary based on the underlying issues that fuel the substance abuse issues, we address a wide range of drug addictions with our proven programs.

At Decision Point Center, you are our priority. We support a holistic recovery process and all aspects of your wellbeing. Addiction is a chronic illness and managing it can be a lifelong battle. There is no shame in asking for help.

If you or a loved one is in need of drug addiction rehab in Arizona, know that hope begins here. Call us at (844) 292-5010 or get in touch with us online to get the support you need.

Drug Addiction is an Epidemic in Arizona

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Drug rehab centers in Arizona are fairly common due to the high number of individuals struggling with substance abuse in the state. According to 2018 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Arizona has one of the highest drug overdose death rates in the United States at roughly 23.8 deaths per 100,000 people. This has been steadily increasing over the past decade as more and more illicit drugs are smuggled over the southern border.

Drug addiction is a deadly disease, but it is one that can be overcome with the right treatment. In fact, studies have shown that more than half of all individuals who seek and stay engaged in drug addiction treatment for more than one year achieve lasting sobriety. At Decision Point Center, we have seen these success stories and have played a part in making them happen since 2004.

Do not become another statistic - get in touch with us today to get the compassionate help you need.

Types of Drug Addictions We Address

Drug addiction in any form can quickly cause your life to spiral out of control. Addiction can consume your thoughts, govern your actions, and take priority above all other aspects of your life, including your family, friends, your job, or the hobbies you once loved. Any substance can become addictive, but some drugs have a higher potential for abuse than others.

Our team at Decision Point Center treats:

If you struggle with any of the substances above, residential rehabilitation may be a good start. While it can be easy to blame yourself your addiction, it is important to remember that addiction is a disease, and like any disease, you need to seek treatment to overcome it.

Follow this link to learn more about admissions, and remember, hope begins here.

Drug Abuse vs. Addiction

While often used interchangably, "drug abuse" and "drug addiction" have different connotations and meanings. Understanding the difference between these terms can be helpful when understanding the complex topic of addiction.

  • Drug abuse refers to a person using a particular substance without being addicted to them. An example of this would be a person using cocaine for the first time, or a person continuing to take a prescription opioid pain medication long after it is medically necessary. Regular drug abuse can lead to certain patterns of behavior that result in addiction.
  • Drug addiction is defined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a "chronic, relapsing disorder characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite adverse consequences." Drug addiction is considered a brain disorder, as it involves physical changes to the reward, stress, and self-control areas of the brain.

Breaking the Stigma of Drug Addiction

There is often a very strong, negative stigma attached to individuals who struggle with drug addiction. Many people look down on addicted individuals as being burnouts, "lowlives," immoral, or that they deserve their struggles as a result of poor choices. The truth is that drug addiction does not discriminate. While a person's relationship with addictive drugs may begin with a choice, they cannot control when they become addicted. We understand this and offer our services without judgment or prejudice to all that seek help.

Signs & Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Not all drug addictions are easy to identify, both for the person addicted and the people around them. Some drug addicted people become very good at hiding their addiction from their loved ones and may even be in denial of the scale of their problem. While the signs and symptoms of drug addiction will vary depending on the type of drug or drugs involved, some warning signs are common.

Signs that a person may be struggling with drug addiction include:

  • Changes in appearance or hygiene
  • Uncharacteristically secretive or reclusive behavior
  • Issues at school or at work
  • Low energy or lack of motivation
  • Personality changes
  • Sudden and unexplained money troubles

Don’t let drugs take over your life. Instead, call us at (844) 292-5010 today or contact us online whenever you are ready.

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How We Help Treat Drug Addiction

Decision Point Center is primarily an inpatient treatment center, which means you come to our facilities for 45 to 90 days and focus on your recovery with help from our dedicated staff. We begin the program with a comprehensive 14-day assessment and use our findings to create a personalized treatment plan.

From there, you participate in different types of therapy and have access to enrichment activities, support groups, and other tools to help you get and stay sober.

For access to the same care and more flexibility, you can also explore our intensive outpatient program, which allows you to focus on your recovery while living at home.

Why Choose Decision Point Center?

Our drug treatment center has been changing lives since 2004, and we want to help you change yours, too!

We understand the nuances of drug addiction and how each substance comes with different challenges. With nearly 15 years in addiction treatment, however, we know how to help each individual cope with any difficulties that arise.

  • Deep Sense of Care

    We understand what you're going through and are here to support you on your journey to recovery.

  • Beautiful, Expansive Facilities

    Experience our spacious living quarters and restorative communal spaces.

  • Forging Genuine Relationships

    At Decision Point, every patient is treated like family. Experience what it's like to form lifelong connections.

  • 45-90 Day Program

    Our, “You-based” treatment is at the forefront of what we do. Experience one of the most comprehensive assessments in the treatment world today.