College Culture and Addiction: What You Should Know

Two young adults lighting cigarettes.

Alcohol and other drugs are a common part of college life, with alcohol being the most commonly used substance among students. But just because it’s widely used doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Substance abuse among young adults is an issue that needs to be taken seriously, as it can lead to serious health problems, academic issues, and even death. Let’s discuss substance abuse among college-aged young adults (primarily college-age), how college culture can be an antagonist for addiction, and how one can begin recovery in this phase of life.

The Prevalence of Addiction Among College Students

College students are statistically one of the largest groups dealing with substance use disorders. According to a study on Substance Use Among College Students, over 60% of full-time college students have consumed alcohol, and 39% reported binge drinking (consuming five or more drinks) in the past month. In addition to alcohol, the most commonly abused substances were:

  • Marijuana (20%)
  • Nicotine (14.3%)
  • Adderall (9.9%)
  • Cocaine (4.0%)

College Culture & Addiction

The college culture is a significant reason why many young adults struggle with substance abuse issues. College culture promotes excessive drinking as normal behavior regarding social activities like parties or bars while simultaneously demonizing those who choose not to participate. This pressure to conform can lead those who do not have an existing problem with addiction down a dangerous path—one that could potentially lead to substance abuse issues if not addressed quickly enough.

Starting Recovery While In College

It's never too late for someone struggling with addiction to get help and start recovery. Here are some steps one can take to start their journey toward sobriety while still in school:

Seek Out Resources Available on Campus

Many universities provide counseling services or support groups specifically designed for students struggling with addiction. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

Join Online Forums/Communities

Many online communities such as Reddit, Facebook Groups, or Alcoholics Anonymous offer support from people going through similar struggles as you who can provide invaluable insight into your journey towards sobriety and recovery.

Find Mentors

Reaching out to faculty members and older peers who have gone through similar struggles can prove very beneficial in finding the right treatment options and developing skills needed for recovery while also providing emotional support throughout this difficult process.

Get Help at Decision Point Center

Young adults are among the largest groups dealing with substance use disorders. If you are struggling with addiction today, there is still hope; don't wait until it's too late.

Contact Decision Point Center to get all of your questions about our treatments and therapies answered. Call (844) 292-5010 or fill out our secure online contact form to get started.

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