DEA Warns Arizonans of Deadly New Fentanyl-Like Drug

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There might be a new variant of fentanyl in Arizona that is already killing drug users. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), several fatal and nonfatal overdoses in recent months have been linked to a substance called para-fluorofentanyl or pFF.

Fentanyl is extremely dangerous, as only 2 milligrams of the drug can be enough to trigger a fatal overdose. DEA investigators are concerned because pFF is often even stronger than fentanyl, possibly causing a fatality with just 1 milligram or less.

As with fentanyl, pFF is often laced into other street-level substances like cocaine and heroin. It is believed that most users have no idea that pFF has been added to the drugs that they intentionally take, putting themselves at an unknown heightened risk of overdose and severe symptoms. The DEA suspects that pFF is entering Arizona via Mexican drug cartels that add it to their illicit products in order to more rapidly addict users. Anyone with information about how pFF is being smuggled and sold in Arizona is encouraged to dial 571-362-5600 to speak with a DEA agent.

(ABC 15 Arizona recently released an article about pFF in the state, which you can view by clicking here.)

Fight Fentanyl Addiction Head-On

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