Opioid Patients Suffer Dire Consequences Due to Opioid Crackdown

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In an ongoing series from Fox News, the struggles of patients reliant on opiates and other painkiller medications have been brought to the spotlight. The most recent edition focuses on the aftermath of the opioid crackdown on patients caught in the collateral. While increased restrictions on opioid medications are meant to prevent more people from becoming addicted in the future, it has also taken a heavy toll on current users who do not have any other way to cope with chronic pain and withdrawal symptoms.

The Fox News article — which you can view in full by clicking here — discussed a number of recent suicides carried out by opioid users who lost access to their addictions. By being cut-off from opiate prescriptions all at once, they suffered severe withdrawal and an overwhelming rise in their chronic pain. Not having the guidance and support of a drug rehabilitation center, the people named in the article, unfortunately, succumb to the hardship and pain.

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) only recommended medical providers to drastically reduce the number of new opiate prescriptions, it appears that most took the statement as a new law. Rather than assessing each patient carefully and deciding how to continue their pain management regimen, many doctors are simply cutting them off to try to avoid any chance of a lawsuit or termination for prescribing drugs with known addictive properties.

Many opioid patients caught in the collateral of the steep opioid prescription rollback are U.S. military veterans. When going to the Veterans Affairs Office for assistance, they are not finding the support they need. Indeed, the number of opioid prescriptions written for veteran patients relying on the VA dropped 45% in the last six years.

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