Opening Up About Mental Health

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Mental Health: Prince William Encourages Change in Young Generations

Prince William’s efforts to dismantle the tight-lipped British style of dealing with (or avoiding) mental health issues are beginning to make a difference. In a recent article highlighting the World Economic Forum discussions with Prince William, USA Today points out two factors that the Prince is trying to change: He wants to encourage Brits, and the world, to talk about mental health openly and often and to do away with the idea that things need to bottled-up and mowed over, meaning ignored. Although the British are known for keeping emotions locked tight, this can apply to everyone who has ever been told to hold things in and not let emotions show.

One thing is for sure, mental health and addiction have a definite link, one that must be addressed if we are ever going to get a hold on the addiction epidemic. Our team of Prescott drug and alcohol specialists at Decision Point take mental health seriously and we understand that it is the key to unlocking the reasons behind addiction and how to conquer it. 

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The Link Between Mental Health and Addiction

One of the ways that we approach addiction and substance abuse treatment is through cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a concept that addresses the thinking that is linked to unhealthy behavior, such as, “I am unworthy,” or “I am nothing.” To treat addiction and substance abuse, we must treat the habit of thinking you are not worthy of more or not worth getting out of addiction. We want to help every one of our patients believe that they are worth being happy in sobriety.

Part of our process is guiding patients to work through the emotions and the habits that cause them to spiral into these thoughts and to eventually have less of them. Through cognitive behavioral therapy and our other treatment options, we provide a complete plan to combat addiction. We work with patients to find the best combination of group, private, outdoor, and in-facility therapies to suit their needs and reach for success. 

Decision Point: Hope Begins Here

If your mental health issues have led you to substance abuse or addiction, you deserve to take back control of your life. There is hope for you, and we can help you find peace on the inside, so you can enjoy life on the outside. The team of Prescott drug and alcohol treatment professionals at Decision Point has one goal- to help those suffering from addiction be free from what they are suffering. We understand that sobriety requires a comprehensive effort and that behind every addiction, there is a reason, a history, and a wound that needs healing. Let us help you heal.

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