What Is the Adderall Crisis?

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In a new documentary called “Take Your Pills,” celebrity Maria Shriver and her daughter, Christina Schwarzenegger, delve into why everyone from college students to business professionals are abusing Adderall, often simply for the stimulating effect and “high” rather than for a legitimate need.

Often, individuals diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are prescribed these stimulants to boost alertness and concentration during the daytime. Psychiatrists have been known to prescribe this very potent medication to children as young as 2 years old, and it’s becoming more common for grade school teachers to recommend medication to a student’s parents as well.

The purpose of the documentary, Shriver said, was to ignite conversation in homes, educational settings, and with physicians, about how necessary it might be to prescribe this potentially dangerous medication. The dangers of Adderall addiction are real, and can wreak havoc on your liver enzymes. 

Why Is Adderall Abused So Often?

Most Americans have heard of the opioid crisis, in which millions of Americans are addicted to taking these “downer” medications to mellow out, get high, and sleep better. The drug, which gets less of the media spotlight, offers users the allure of being a stimulant, colloquially known as an “upper.” Of course, there are also illicit street drugs called “uppers,” like meth, cocaine and crack cocaine, but plenty of prescription medications are also in this category. They exist to increase alertness, and they can be just as addictive and dangerous as a street drug.

Drugs like Adderall are potentially harmful and misused off-label for pulling all-nighters to study and/or lose weight (Adderall suppresses appetite); they are habit-forming and should only be provided to those who have a true need. The truth is, more people are being diagnosed with ADHD who wouldn’t have been in the past. It can be a slippery slope into the harrowing life of living as an addict if the patient does not follow his/her doctor’s instructions to the letter to avoid physical dependence.

Am I Addicted to Adderall?

You may be dependent or addicted to Adderall if any of the following apply to you:

  • You crave higher doses to feel the effects of the drug
  • You want to cut down on use, but feel you cannot do so
  • You take the drug despite knowing it can harm you
  • You are unable to finish studying and/or working without using Adderall
  • You feel drowsy without Adderall
  • You neglect other important activities or social events to take Adderall instead
  • You suffer withdrawal symptoms if you cannot procure more of the drug

Hope Is Available: Contact Decision Point Center for Adderall Addiction Treatment

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