Efforts to Fight Opioid Abuse Funded by Leading Opioid Manufacturer

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In an unexpected move, Purdue Pharma has begun funding various efforts to combat opioid addiction and abuse. People are raising eyebrows at the decision since Purdue is the manufacturer of the most popular prescription opioid in the world, OxyContin. Some suspect the large pharmaceutical company is not actually concerned with helping people fight opioid addiction but are instead trying to reduce their possible liability in a series of lawsuits filed against them for allegedly contributing to the opioid epidemic through dishonest marketing of their drugs.

The underlying question is does it matter the intent behind Purdue Pharma’s actions as long as the results to help people? This is something to be answered by mass tort, injury, and product liability attorneys. For everyone else, any help to defeat the opioid epidemic is welcomed.

Purdue has said it would no longer promote its opioid drugs to physicians. This could be arguably too little, too late as surely doctors all across the world are aware of OxyContin without needing it advertised to them. According to reports from Symphony Health, more than 80% of Purdue’s 2017 sales came from OxyContin.

Some of the other efforts funded by Purdue Pharma include:

  • Providing different sheriff departments with naloxone overdose antidote kits.
  • Placing secure drug disposal boxes in clinics and key locations around North Carolina.
  • Starting an opioid-abuse warning radio campaign in Connecticut.
  • Developing medicine to treat chronic constipation caused by opioid abuse.

(Learn more about how Purdue Pharma is funding anti-opioid campaigns and efforts by clicking here to read a full article from the Daily Beast online newsgroup.)

Fighting Opioid Addiction on a Personal Level

Purdue Pharma’s efforts to prevent opioid addiction might be questionable but they underline the opioid epidemic and its consequences all the same. An estimated 2 million Americans are struggling with opioid abuse and looking for ways to kick their deadly habit. In order to defeat the crisis, help needs to come from major drug manufacturers, federal legislators, friends, family members, and individual addicts themselves. This is a group effort and a challenge, but it is not impossible when people band together and lend a helping hand.

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