Gregson Gordon has earned the credential of Certified Career Services Provider

Decision Point is very pleased to announce that our Director of Education and Development Gregson Gordon has earned the credential of Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) as endorsed by the National Career Development Association. The National Career Development Association describes this prestigious credential as follows…

NCDA Credentialing Commission logoThe new CCSP credential is also global in nature and is issued by a commission of NCDA, so it benefits from current research, techniques, resources, and outcomes data from an array of experienced professionals across the field of career development. We believe that the CCSP will represent the most prestigious credential in this field due to its rigorous requirements.”

For several years, Gregson Gordon worked as an adjunct instructor at Palm Beach State College where he taught the curriculum which helped Paramedics and EMT’s to advance their career knowledge in the fields of Cardiac Resuscitation and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. His collegiate experience along-with this additional credential of Certified Career Services Provider-affords Mr. Gordon a wealth of Academic & Career advancement expertise to share with the valued clients whose college educations and professional careers have been negatively impacted by substance abuse.

Gregson is often observed stating,

“I believe that identifying and embracing one’s purpose in life is one of the most powerful motivators to continue a successful clean and sober life. Achieving a successful recovery frees a person to finally fulfill their dreams of earning a college degree and excel in a successful meaningful career; thus, enjoying life-long fulfillment.”

Gregson continued, “Along with all the other highly-effective modalities and services provided by Decision Point’s extraordinary team of compassionate and dedicated professionals, providing Academic / Career Advisory services further fulfills Decision Point’s Mission Statement to, “Provide a confidential, therapeutic healing environment to reduce or eliminate the barriers to recovery. We challenge individuals to discover their own personal strengths, so they become the healthy, loving people they aspire to be.”

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