Decision Point Center in Prescott is In-Network with Humana Health Insurance

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Decision Point Center is proud to provide addiction treatments and therapies to the people of Prescott, Arizona. We have gained a reputation for providing effective recovery programs on top of genuinely compassionate patient support and interaction, making us a favorite for our communities. With a newly acquired agreement with Humana Health Insurance, we can share our talents and services with more people than ever.

As an in-network provider with Humana, Decision Point Center is able to provide our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs to Humana insurance customers. We are excited to say we have worked out a fantastic in-network agreement with Humana that covers most or all of their customers’ costs. If you are a Humana Insurance member and need help with fighting substance addiction, please do not hesitate to call us at (844) 292-5010 right away.

Becoming an in-network provider with Humana underlines the growing acknowledgment of drug and alcohol addiction being a disease and medical concern. In the past, many insurance groups did not understand just how extensively addiction can harm someone’s life, nor did they comprehend that it can involve physical and mental complications. As the years have gone on, thanks to the efforts of doctors, researchers, psychologists, and addiction treatment centers like ours, society has gradually come to see the seriousness of substance addiction and understand why it is a legitimate medical concern that should be covered by healthcare insurance.

Would you like to know more about Decision Point Center and what our in-network agreement with Humana means for you? Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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