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Texas is home to hundreds of drug and alcohol rehab centers. So, why do so many Texans seek treatment at Decision Point in Prescott, Arizona? Here Are 10 Good Reasons:

  • Texas clients can put just enough distance between themselves and bad influences back home. This is critical!

  • Our familiar southwestern climate & culture helps quell anxiety and homesickness

  • A spectacular Arizona Outdoor Mountain Therapy Program is just what the Dr. ordered

  • Our specialized focus on young men and women 18-34 creates a like community of clients

  • Treatment programs ranging from 2 weeks to 90 days, plus 3-6 mo. transitional living, provide real options

  • 15-Day Comprehensive Assessment – Unique to the field

  • Empowerment vs punitive – No "labeling"

  • 12 Steps Plus alternatives to 12 Steps

  • A Failure-to-Launch curriculum assists young adult clients "stuck" in their lives without direction

  • Most TX commercial insurances are accepted and financing options are available

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Get the best care available today. Please call Deanna Brown or Adam Lebeau, our Admissions Counselors, now at 877-772-3648 so that they can answer EVERY question you have. They will even recommend another program if Decision Point is not an ideal fit for your needs. Texans love recovering at Decision Point. Call today so we can start you, or your son or daughter, on a path to real recovery.