12 Step Program

12 Step ProgramAs part of our expert treatment platform, Decision Point Center offers a 12 Step program that meets twice a week. Participation is mandatory for all clients. This draws the traditional 12 Step program into your everyday life, promotes trust among the group and a belief in the validity of the process. The 12 Step Program is not a treatment program in itself but rather offers a slice of treatment. The information that is provided through the 12 Steps through education and support has been proven to help stop substance abuse and relapse.

The Promise of Personal Progress

The 12 Step Program consists of more than 65 years of experience and is designed to not only aid in recovery but also to offer support to others in recovery. The 12 Steps are founded on spiritual principles but also offer direct recommendations for living a good life. The 12 Step Program is not religious nor does it favor any particular denomination or sector of faith. It simply acknowledges a “higher power.” Surrendering addiction to a higher power is the beginning of transformation. This is what the 12 Steps are all about.


This is an open group; everyone is welcome to participate.

12 Step Program Activities*:

  • Engage in recovery games based on daily readings
  • Sessions open with a 12-Step meeting format
  • Open discussions on key topics

*Different or additional activities may be offered. Ask DPC admissions for details.

Clients will benefit by enhancing:

  • Coping Skills
  • Cooperation
  • Trust-Building
  • Decision-Making
  • Positive Risk Taking
  • Self Care
  • Expression/Resolution of Feelings
  • Self Esteem/Confidence Building
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership Skills
  • Fun, Memorable Recovery Experience

Treatment Goals:

  • To gain knowledge of the 12-Steps
  • To integrate the 12-Steps into your everyday life
  • Learn to rely on others
  • To help others be of service
  • To have faith in the process

The 12-Steps in recovery creates soundness of mind, body and soul.