Anger Management Therapy

Many times it is anger that will fuel addiction. The anger management therapy groups at Decision Point Center benefit clients by teaching them to recognize the warning signs of oncoming anger and use calming techniques to deal with those situations in a positive manner. Anger management therapy teaches clients how to live a healthy and productive life by offering the necessary tools to effectively manage anger. Anger is normal and is considered healthy but only when one knows how to properly express and manage it. This is what anger management teaches.

Anger Management Therapy activities include:

  • Identifying anger triggers
  • Creating anger logs and journals
  • Role playing in various scenarios
  • Weekly assignments in understanding unmanaged anger and rage
  • Relaxation techniques featuring guided imagery and deep breathing exercises

"I’ve watched clients learn to understand their anger triggers and manage their response instead of allowing anger to control them. For those who suffer from anger issues, the sense of personal confidence and control that results can make all difference in achieving a lifelong recovery."

– Anger Management Therapist