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Gregson Gordon, CCSP

Career Development & Education Specialist

As a former Nationally Registered Paramedic & Flight Medic, Gregson worked as an EMS Responder in South Florida. Gregson’s experience includes having been an emergency responder during a major hurricane. During his tenure in the field of emergency medical response, Gregson also earned the credentials to respond to neo-natal emergencies. He was subsequently assigned to staff a specialized Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit ambulance equipped with an incubator to facilitate the resuscitation and transport of critically ill new-born children.

Gregson’s continued quest for expertise qualified him to be awarded a position at Palm Beach State College, and a position as an Adjunct Instructor in Continuing Studies at The University of Miami. It was at these fine institutions where Gregson taught Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Trauma Life Support, and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support to Medical Students, Nurses, Doctors, and other first responders.

This collective experience helped Gregson advance his career to work in an open-heart Surgical Intensive Care Unit where-among other duties-he worked on the “Code-Blue” response team. It was there that a Cardiologist recruited Gregson to work for the South Florida Heart Institute where he worked for nearly a decade as a Medical Assistant.

Gregson relocated to Arizona in 2009, and has been fortunate to lend his collective experience to those persons who suffer from Addiction and Alcoholism. During his tenure in the field of Recovery, Gregson has served in many capacities at Residential Treatment Facilities which include Residential Technician, Medical Coordinator, Client Care Manager, and Recovery Group Facilitator. Additionally, Gregson has worked as a Behavioral Health Tech for a Substance Abuse Detox Facility.

Since January 2017, Gregson has served as the Director of Education and Development for Staff & Clientele here at Decision Point. It is in this capacity where he instructs all of Decision Point’s staff in the Therapeutic Community model of treatment (as prescribed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, also known as SAMHSA). Since implementing this highly successful approach to Substance Abuse Recovery, Decision Point has exponentially increased its extraordinary success rates of the scores of people who fully engage in, and successfully complete treatment. Additionally, as a Nationally Certified Career Services Provider, Gregson has helped many of our clients get enrolled in college, and find meaningful, fulfilling careers. Countless numbers of these persons remain free of substance abuse and continue living their recovery success stories. More importantly, they continue to live fulfilling and highly successful lives.

As a published author, Gregson’s insights on the need for Career Counseling for those who are newly clean and sober have been published by the National Career Development Association in their Career Convergence Magazine: “A Call for Comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation for Substance Abusers”.