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Carol Kibbee, LPC

EMDR Trauma Therapist
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Carol Kibbee has had a contract with Decision Point Center for over three years, specializing in using EMDR protocols to reduce cravings/urges for substances and behavioral addictions and instill a stronger sense of positive self. She is passionate and excited about the results she sees with patients often reporting that cravings and urges to use are “gone” and “all I can remember now is the bad part” of the addiction. Targeting the actual addictive behavior and unlinking the positive feeling state(s) with bi-lateral stimulation appears to remove the “dragon” from the equation so that addicts find themselves no longer “chasing the dragon”.

By working through difficult life experiences that drive the addiction, patients often report they feel freer and lighter and motivated to move on to a more adaptive lifestyle.

Carol has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Michigan, a Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in professional counseling from Ottowa University. As well as being a certified EMDR therapist, she is also an Approved Consultant for the EMDR International Association and an R-TEP (Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol) trainer for Trauma Recovery/Humanitarian Assistance Program.