Zetas Drug Cartel Leader Captured in Mexico

Mexican authorities have announced that Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, the leader of the Zetas drug cartel, has been apprehended in northern Mexico. Morales, who is also known as "Z-40," was captured in Nuevo Laredo. The U.S. State Department had offered a $5 million dollar reward for Morales, who was found in a truck with his bodyguard and an accountant when he was arrested. $2 million in cash and 8 guns were also seized from the vehicle. Morales has been charged with murder, kidnapping, torture, and several other crimes.

Reputation for Violence

The Zetas Cartel's reputation for violence was a well-earned one. The group had been responsible for some of the most brutal massacres in Mexico, as well as some of the most vicious attacks on authorities. In April 2006, the gang beheaded two police officers and publicly displayed the evidence of their crime on spikes outside of a government building with a message signed "Z" that read, "So that you learn respect."

Morales took control of the group in October 2012 following the death of one of its founders, Heriberto, "The Executioner," Lazcano. He had a reputation for brutality among group members, rival gangs, and citizens of Nuevo Laredo. Morales used a technique he called the "guiso," or stew, to dispose of his enemies. It involved placing victims in 55-gallon drums and burning them alive.

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