What To Consider When Choosing A Rehab Facility

Once you have determined that you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, the first step to recovery is locating a rehabilitation facility. Many different types of rehab facilities are available, including public and private facilities and outpatient and inpatient care. Before you decide, let Decision Point Center show you the most important steps that must be considered.

Steps To Choosing The Right Rehabilitation Center

  • Choose between an outpatient and an inpatient facility - Outpatient facilities provide patients with the ability to reside at home during the recovery process, allowing them to maintain employment and a daily routine. Inpatient facilities remove patients from daily life in an effort to ensure maximum focus on the recovery process without stress and temptation from exterior forces.
  • Evaluate your finances to determine your budget, while keeping your insurance provider in mind - Many insurance plans offer assistance to those seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction, but may require some out-of-pocket investment. Contact your insurance provider for a list of approved area facilities.
  • Locate a rehabilitation facility that offers multiple therapy options as opposed to just one - You never know which type of therapy or treatment method will work best for your situation and limiting yourself to a specific type may inhibit your long-term progress and sobriety. Broaden your horizons and open your mind. New beginnings mean change, opportunity and growth.
  • Request information pertaining to aftercare following your rehabilitation stay - Reputable facilities will offer continued/long-term care even after a patient has completed treatment. Aftercare should be included in the total price of rehabilitation and include on-going counseling or regular contact with a former therapist.
  • Tour each facility to gain a better understanding of how they operate and what to expect from treatment - Trust your gut and follow your intuition. If a facility feels wrong, there's no shame in moving on to the next option. The more you explore the better informed you will be. Your chosen facility should make you feel relaxed and comfortable, since you'll be spending a large portion of time and money with them.
  • Commit yourself fully to the recovery process - In order to enjoy the maximum benefit of your treatment, you must dedicate yourself to the principals and ideas associated with it. If you are not completely invested in your recovery, there is a much higher chance you will fail. Commit and believe in your recovery!

Finding A Substance Abuse Facility

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