Trip Roundup: First Alumni Rafting Trip!

We just returned from Decision Point’s first Trip Roundup: Alumni Rafting trip, which we spent floating down Utah's beautiful San Juan River- known for its stunning cultural and natural history. We had eight DP Alumni with us, all who are sources of inspiration and hope, as they continue to live full, rich lives in the context of recovery. For the DP staff who attended the trip, it was nothing short of miraculous to see how much each alumnus has grown and changed since their time as clients at DP.

The trip was truly a celebration of the capacity we all have to heal when we are courageous enough to make changes in our lives. We look forward to continuing the tradition of DP Alumni trips. It is so important to acknowledge the hard work and the incredible transformations that can occur - even in the face of addiction. There is hope!

As promised, we're happy to share some pix of the happy crew. Also - the San Juan is sort of like an enormous outdoor museum with many archeological sites. Below you will see a picture of an Anasazi dwelling dating back more than 700 years ago. There are also pictures of some of the amazing wildlife we were fortunate enough to see while on the river. Among them you will find a beautiful blue and yellow Collared lizard, a desert cactus in bloom, and one of the highlights of the trip: Big Horned Sheep!