The Need for Effective Treatment Programs

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It is often difficult for people who have not battled an addiction to understand the very real internal struggles that can occur in someone with a substance abuse disorder. For many outsiders, it may seem obvious that the right thing to do is to get into a treatment program, but family members often struggle with seeing this for themselves, or lack the support needed to get their loved one into a facility.

It is very common for people addicted to drugs or alcohol to refuse to go to treatment or for them to make up reasons why they don't need it. The level of denial is pervasive, regardless of the substance being abused. The treatment community provides much needed help to those who are struggling with drug and alcohol use and evidence points to long term treatment as usually being the most effective way to stop the problem.

Each rehab center may be unique in the way that they approach treating addiction, but research shows that incorporating effective forms of cognitive therapy and medication, where appropriate, have consistently produced the best results. Additionally, addressing existing co-occurring disorders during treatment is also viewed as essential to overall behavioral health.

It is unfortunate that the drug problem in our country appears to be getting worse. While gains in some areas have shown promise, keeping up with new trends and the introduction of newer synthetic substances as well as prescription drugs has been a challenge. The good news is that we know that people do get better with effective treatment, and that individualized care that addresses the needs of each person can produce amazing results. There is a big need for successful treatment programs throughout the country. We'll continue to do our part to help as many people as we can move onto their path of recovery.