Meth Awareness Week Starts November 30

As most of us are ramping up for holiday celebrations, anti-drug activists are gearing up for National Meth Awareness Week. Running from November 30 through December 6, the awareness campaign is set up with enhanced digital media and local events, including a social media campaign asking teens to take action and get involved.

National Meth Awareness Week is coordinated by The Meth Project and partners in many states. The Meth Project is a teen-targeted drug prevention program set up by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. Its goal is to significantly reduce meth use through public service announcements, public policy and community outreach.

Activities for the week can be monitored on the The Meth Project's Facebook page, and Tumblr at

“Meth Awareness Week provides a pinnacle opportunity to educate parents and members of our community about the health risks of methamphetamine use,” said Steve Pasierb, Partnership for Drug Free Kids President and CEO. He added that methamphetamine can cause extreme damage to young people's brains and bodies, and that he hopes the program can help stop teens and young adults from ever using the drug.

The Meth Project, first established in Montana, is a research-based program that has had dramatic success in reducing the instances of Meth usage. The Montana Meth Project has success rates of a 63 percent drop in teen methamphetamine use, and has also seen a 62 percent decline in methamphetamine-related crime. Success rates in Montana spurred five other states to adopt the program.

According to the Unites States Department of Justice, methamphetamine is at the lowest cost and highest purity and availability since 2005 because of the larger levels coming in from Mexico. The Department said that methamphetamine is one of the biggest drug threats for the nation.