Krokodil: Flesh Eating Drug Is Dangerous, Deadly And In The U.S.

A new drug has infiltrated the United States, and its effects are nothing short of shocking. Krokodil (pronounced "crocodile") or desomorphine is an addictive, injectable opioid. It's in the same class as heroin and gets its name because one of the side effects is black or green scaly skin. Recently, five people were admitted to a hospital in the Chicago area with symptoms of Krokodil addiction. It's been described by medical professionals as a "zombie drug" that kills users from the inside out. According to a 2013 study, Krokodil causes serious damage to soft tissue and veins in the body, as well as gangrene and necrosis (death of cells or tissues in a localized area).

Krokodil Use Leads To Severe Tissue Damage

The effects of the dangerous and deadly Krokodil drug start close to the injection site or sites. This drug does not dissolve completely once it is injected; instead it tends to clump inside a user's veins. The clumps travel throughout the body and start to damage tissue. In Russia, approximately 100,000 people have used Krokodil. Another 20,000 people in the Ukraine have injected the drug, according to a study released by the International Journal of Public Policy this year. Krokodil may have become popular among intravenous drug users as an alternative to heroin when supplies became scarce, since it is cheaper to produce and can be made at home with ingredients which are readily available.

Krokodil’s Cheap High Leads To Serious Consequences

Users may be drawn to this drug because of its low cost, but addicts run the risk of developing severe health issues from using Krokodil. Addicts overseas do not usually seek out medical attention until they are experiencing severe health concerns. At that point, the effects of Russian Krokodil drug include:

  • Rotting gums
  • Bone infections
  • Sores on the forehead and skull
  • Rotting ears and nose
  • Rotting lips
  • Liver and kidney issues

The high achieved from Krokodil use is similar to that of heroin, where the user experiences an initial feeling of warmth, calm, and even euphoria at higher doses. Some people report feeling relaxed or in a dream-like state. For someone who is anxious or depressed, this would be very attractive. Unfortunately for users of this drug, the experience only lasts for about an hour and a half, less than that of heroin.

Cycle Of Addiction And Treatment

Someone who is addicted to this drug gets involved in a cycle where he or she is caught up in preparing a dose, administering it, and then finding the next one. Krokodil addicts spend their time avoiding withdrawal by continuing to use often. Each time they use they are exposing themselves to further damage from this dangerous drug. Anyone who is caught in this type of cycle would not be able to stop on his or her own and would need professional drug addiction treatment. Contact North Ridge Counseling today and get personal and professional help for you or your loved one’s addiction.