The Interactive Visualized Effects of Drugs on the Body

As users navigate the page, they can choose between parts of the body and see how different substances affect each. The options are: brain, skin, lungs, mouth, and the heart. To emphasize the serious dangers of drug use, a tab about death and the fatal symptoms of drug use is also an option.

The Brain page defines Addiction and outlines the harmful “rewiring” caused by drug use, not to mention the effects on motor skills, behavior and memory. The site also offers an interactive tour of the brain, AKA Mission Control, guided by the user.

Upon navigation to the Skin page, a user learns about the unattractive and uncomfortable looking symptoms that result from using meth, steroids and cigarettes. One can even alternate between grim before-and-after photos of a heavy meth user.

The Lungs page is loaded with the dangers and diseases associated with smoking cigarettes and marijuana. Users can test their knowledge with a quiz to find out how much they really know about how drugs affect the lungs.

The next page warns of the damaging and particularly gross effects of drugs to the Mouth. Focusing primarily on tobacco products and methamphetamine, the page shares statistics on oral cancer and unpleasant ailments such as rotting teeth, gum disease and bad breath. The Mouth and Nose Gallery brandishes photos of what the page describes as “meth mouth” along with a warning of graphic images ahead.

When it comes to the Heart, the site describes increased risks of heart attack, the dangers of second-hand smoke and how sniffing household chemicals or overdosing on sedatives, pain medications or opioids can cause the heart to slow down or stop altogether.

On that note, the Death page provides ominous and important facts surrounding the life-threatening dangers that can accompany drug use like “sudden sniffing death” and fatal car crashes as a result of driving under the influence.

In the modern age of infographics, apps and Instagram, kids and teens expect a visually compelling and interactive medium for learning. If you are looking for a non-intrusive, yet memorable resource to educate a child about drug use, you’ve come to the right place.