Food Focus: Artichokes

Now is the time for produce!! Spring is here and already bringing in harvest of greens, early tomatoes, peas and asparagus. Artichokes are also in season and are easy to prepare. Either steam in a heavy pot (don’t forget to check your water levels so you don’t burn your pan like I did last night!) or put them in a plastic produce bag, sprinkle with water, tie the bag and microwave on high for 6 minutes.

The picture of artichokes here is from my recent trip to Italy. Not sure how they prepared them, but I ate them four times and would go back to Italy just for them! Throw me a recipe anytime and I will try it and post the picture here!

Best place to get produce all year or all summer long? Your local farmers market. Here is a great link for you to check out where there is a market or a CSA in your local area: CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It benefits you, the farmer and both your wallets. This is the deal: you pay your annual or seasonal fee to the farmer so they can buy seed and work the land. Then each week, you get delivered or you pick up a week’s supply of amazing, fresh, seasonal and packed with nutrition vegetables. It’s fun!